Bharatpur, Local coinage, AR Rupee in the name of Queen Victoria, Bindraban mint (believed to be struck at Bharatpur), 1859 AD/VS(19)15, KM#18 (10.55 g)

These debased coins are believed to have been struck at Bharatpur, and were used at weddings and festivals. This specimen shows the complete mint name “Bindraban” on reverse.

Obverse: Head of Queen Victoria to left. A katar to the left and a small dagger to the right of the queen’s head. Around (starting 5 o’clock, anticlockwise): Mallikah muazzama farman rawli inglistan sanah 1859

Reverse: (Sarkar Sikkah)/zawallah qatadar angrezi/zarb Bindraban/(19)15. Chhatra (Parasol) mint mark